Become our MedVilla ambassador and receive a 500 €

You read that right! We notice that more and more of our new customers come to MedVilla through friends or acquaintances of owners.

So the MedVilla Ambassador Program was created to reward our current customers for bringing in new customers.

What is that reward?*

  • A Zalando check to give yourself, your partner or your little one a completely new look.
  • A check from HACO furniture in Rojales so that you can further decorate your home
  • A check for renting a car in Spain, so you can discover the beautiful region from your dream home..
  • A check to enjoy several delicious meals at Unico restaurant in Rojales

Do you know someone in your area who would like to buy a new-build home in Spain? Then quickly email us his details !

We will then contact you regarding your submitted lead. Did everything go successfully? You will then receive the selected option about 2 weeks after the notary.

In Spain, you can enjoy the activities of the MedVilla experience club together with your acquaintance or friend you have introduced.

MedVilla, highest level of commitment, service & offering!

* The connection you made must actually purchase a home in Spain via MedVilla