Cheapest fire, home, and contents insurance in Spain

Looking for the cheapest home insurance in Spain?

This is a very complete and at the same time affordable insurance that insures both your home and your household effects in Spain and also offers private liability cover. We offer you the cheapest fire, home, and contents insurance in Spain

Building coverage

When you buy a house in Spain, you must insure the building yourself in 99% of the cases. If there is an association of owners, it usually only insures the common areas, such as the communal parking, lifts, corridors, communal garden, swimming pool and in the case of an apartment the roof and facade of the apartment complex. The Association of Owners almost never insures individual homes against fire, water and other damage.

As the owner of a house in Spain, you do not have to insure the purchase value of your home, because that also includes the land price. You only need to cover the rebuilding value of the house because the land will not decay. The best indication is an appraisal report, because the amount of the reconstruction value can differ considerably per home and per region. As a general guideline, 1,000 euros per built m2 are given, but in practice this can vary between 750 - 10,000 euros per m2. It is the policyholder's responsibility to insure the correct value.

Customers often ask us what exactly is covered by the building. Imagine that you could turn your house upside down, then everything that gets stuck is basically buildings: so walls, fitted kitchens, built-in appliances, bathrooms, solar panels, etc. Everything that would fall is automatically household effects.

Contents coverage

It is important to distinguish between the general household effects: furniture, clothing, household equipment, electronics and valuables. Something is considered to be precious when it comes to wall hangings, paintings, antiques, art, silver / gold / bronze. The individual value must also be 2,000 euros or more or if it is a collection of more than 2,000 euros in total. So not every object of 2,000 euros or more is covered.

Finally, jewelry must be insured separately. A distinction must be made here between jewelry that is in a safe and that is outside the safe. In all cases, the replacement value must be assumed.

Make sure the insured value is sufficient. In the case of underinsurance, the insurer may pay out proportionately in the event of a claim and you may receive less than you would expect.

Buildings (or fire) and household effects and legal liability (or family insurance) in one package. Are you an owner, tenant or landlord, the guarantees you want are of course different. In any case, we will give you the best insurance coverage at the best price. We insure your apartment, holiday home, villa, proceeds and even your castle!

W.A. or Family Insurance: Accidents can always happen. If someone else is injured or their belongings damaged, this coverage will ensure that you don't get financial worries because of it.

Home insurance: Fire, lightning, flooding. As a home owner, you prefer not to think about that. We cannot ensure that your home is not damaged, but at least we can cover the financial risk for you. This insurance can be completely adapted to your needs.

Home contents insurance: Burglary? Fire? With Caser's contents insurance you can protect all your important belongings. Compose the policy according to your personal needs, so that you can avoid unpleasant surprises. We are here to help you!

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