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Formentera del Segura is a small traditional town located on the left bank of the Segura River, in the Vega Baja region in the province of Alicante. Formentera del Segura is a 15-minute drive from Guardamar del Segura, a famous coastal town on the Costa Blanca South.

The economy of Formentera, a little further inland, is mainly driven by agriculture: citrus fruits, fruit and grains. Formentera benefits from an irrigation system that originated in the time of the Moors, centuries ago.

The inhabitants of the town are very friendly and polite. The culture focuses among other things. on traditions and family life.

Formentera is a very accessible city, located between the provincial capitals of Alicante and Murcia. Formentera is 30 minutes from the city of Alicante, 25 minutes from El Altet airport and 40 minutes from San Javier, Murcia airport.

Formentera del Segura - Climate

The area has a wonderful Mediterranean climate with the lowest rainfall in all of Spain and an average temperature of 20º C and 320 sunny days a year. The mild dry winters and the pleasantly warm and dry summers have little contrast in terms of weather.

Formentera del Segura - Beaches

The sea and the beautiful beaches with dunes and forests of Guardamar del Segura are around 10 km away. The most visited are Playa Centro and Playa La Roqueta. The beaches are accessible by car or public transport.

The sea is suitable for swimming and there is supervision of swimmers. Those who prefer deserted beaches will find themselves at Playa del Moncayo or Playa de Los Tusales, at the mouth of the Segura.

Formentera del Segura - Facilities

The small town is split into two parts by a main road. One side is traditionally Spanish, the other side is developed into a small urbanization with new facilities.

In the center you will find the village square with its picturesque church and the town hall. There are many small cafés and tapas bars around this square, serving both local and international dishes. Formentera has many shops and markets with a wide variety of food and goods such as fruit and vegetables, olives, clothing and shoes.

In the Rio Segura river lies an island with an 18th-century water-driven old mill, the El Molino. On this island is a park with picnic tables, barbecues and a large stage where all kinds of events are organized.

Formentera del Segura - Golf courses nearby

The nearest golf course is La Marquesa Golf & Country Club, located close to the A37 and the old N332 main road in the town of Rojales. The 18-hole golf course is laid out in a rolling valley among the hills of Quesada. The many pine and palm trees provide a beautiful ambiance, the ideal climate for a wonderful day of golf, in summer and winter.

Formentera del Segura - Salinas

Extensive walking and cycling can be enjoyed in the nature reserve Lagunas de la Mata-Torrevieja (Parque Natural) at about 5 km. In the sea and salt museum you can find all information about life around the sea and the salt lakes. Archaeological finds show, among other things, how life evolved over the centuries.

The salt lakes are particularly popular with people with heart problems, rheumatism, arthritis or asthmatic disorders, saying that the "healing powers" of the salt lakes provide relief