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La Mata (La Mata) - a small residential area, a suburb of Torrevieja. La Mata is located in the south-eastern part of Torrevieja on the Mediterranean coast, surrounded by a natural park, moving dunes and a Salt Lake. From the historic center of Torrevieja to La Mata, approximately 6.5 kilometers. From the west, La Mata borders on the urbanization of Cabo Servera.

Despite its small size and distance from the center, La Mata is one of the most popular places to relax in Torrevieja. It is less lively here than in the center of Torrevieja, it is quieter and quieter. The area is clean and well maintained, there are several significant attractions, a natural park with dunes, green areas for walks, playgrounds, supermarkets, small shops, cafes and restaurants.

In addition to all of the above, La Mata attracts many tourists, above all, its magnificent, spacious beach. The longest and, in our opinion, the best sandy beach of Torrevieja. The eponymous beach of La Mata (Playa de la Mata) stretches for 1930 meters in length and is 47 meters wide. Almost two kilometers of the beach strip are completely covered with fine and soft sand of light yellow color. The beach is cleaned daily, the sand is leveled. Along the sea line, in some places there is a natural debris carried ashore by a sea wave, but it does not interfere. The water in the sea is clean and transparent, the entrance is shallow, the bottom is sandy.

Since La Mata is a long and open beach, it is not protected by mountainous terrain and rocks, and there are no breakwaters, it is not uncommon for the beach to have waves. In the first half of the day, the sea is more calm, after a long time the waves rise more often. But here, it all depends on the weather.

The beach has all the necessary beach infrastructure: urns, dry closets, storage rooms, foot showers, medical centers and rescue towers, small children's and sports grounds, wooden decks, for disabled people, you can play beach football or volleyball.

There is practically no natural shadow on the beach. In order to shelter from the sun, you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas from the sun, as well as chairs for sitting. You can also rent water entertainment facilities. Directly on the beach sand strip there are several cafes, they can drink refreshing drinks and a snack. Playa de La Mata is a great place for families with children. At the height of the holiday season, La Mata becomes a busy tourist place, here come to rest, like the Spaniards themselves, and guests of this beautiful sunny country.

Also, the resort of La Mata is popular with fans of windsurfing and diving.

In the west side of the beach is a beautiful natural park (Parque del Molino del Agua). This park is considered a nature reserve, there is a pond in the park, there are places for walking in the shade of coniferous trees. A very beautiful place. Along the beach, between small dunes, lies a wooden embankment. The embankment originates from the urbanization of Cabo Cervera and stretches to the very center of La Mata.

In the center of La Mata, on the waterfront are places for recreation, small cafes and restaurants, where you can sit and admire the beach. And also guest houses and apartments. This is the busiest part of the beach and the very area of La Mata.

Behind La Mata, on the east side, is a semi-wild beach and a continuously moving ecosystem - the dunes of Guardamar del Segura. Among the dunes are also laid wooden walkways. But on the dunes themselves it is better not to go, do not violate such a unique ecosystem.

The attractions of La Mata can not boast. Of the few:

The main, central Plaza de Encarnación Puchol, located near the beach in the heart of the district. On the square there are attractions for children, festivals and holidays are held, and around there is an abundance of cafes and restaurants.
The Catholic Church of Parroquia Nuestra Señora del Rosario
Historic monument - Embarkadero de la sal
The small square of Gaspar Perelló (Plaza Gaspar Perelló)

Not far from La Mata is another unique natural attraction - a green (emerald) lagoon, one of the two famous lakes Torrevieja - Salt Lake Salta de la Mata (Salada de la Mata).

The area of La Mata is very small, it is easy to walk on it. There are small green squares with children's swings, "stone" streets, where: several grocery supermarkets, a small shopping center, other shops and souvenir shops, small and cozy cafes and restaurants.

Every Wednesday, in the morning, in the eastern part of the city, there is a street market (Mercadillo de La Mata). Merchants from all over the area set up tents right on the streets. Here, fruits and vegetables, cheeses and sausages, clothes and shoes, bags and other goods. Landmark - La Lecha (Calle la Lecha) and other nearby streets.