Legal advice when buying Spanish Real Estate

When buying a property in Spain it is customary to engage a lawyer. The purchase process in Spain is complex and the buyer enjoys less protection than in the Netherlands or Belgium. Foreign buyers also often suffer from a language and culture barrier, they also have to perform additional actions such as applying for a TIE number and opening a Spanish bank account. For that reason, we recommend that you always have legal guidance from an independent lawyer with experience in real estate law in Spain.

English legal advice when buying a property in Spain

As a customer, you are of course free to hire a lawyer according to your own wishes. If you do not have the knowledge of a good lawyer, MEDVILLA can recommend a local lawyer with experience in real estate law. MedVilla has been working with MacLegal for years. MacLegal Lawyers & Architects is a company made up of qualified professionals. They have a team of lawyers with more than twenty years of experience in the legal sector, who offer our clients a professional and safe service. In addition, MacLegal offers a competitive rate for the high quality service you expect. Their team can assist you in buying existing homes, new construction homes and homes on plan.

MacLegal is composed of a multicultural team that can communicate in English, French, Dutch, Arabic and of course Spanish!

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