Receive current property range for free via Whatsapp

You will probably recognize it: finally you discover the desired Spanish property, but upon request it is already reserved or awaiting the signing of the purchase agreement. If this has ever happened to you, you know that it is very frustrating that you were not aware of the current housing supply before. That will change from NOW ...!

We introduce a new service, whereby we keep you completely FREE and without obligation informed of the current range of Spanish properties via WhatsApp.

Of course you can still send your requirements of your dreamproperty in Spain and that possibility will continue to exist, but you will receive the promotions and current availabilities in your mailbox. So you only see it when you check your e-mail, but I can imagine that you sometimes skip it for a day (or two) because you have other things to do.

Receive our property range and promotionns via Whatsappe on your smartphone

Your smartphone is almost always at hand and you will probably look at it several times a day. Wouldn't it be handy to receive  immediately the desired range of available houses in Spain on your smartphone?!

Moreover, it works very simply, because all you have to do is send us one message via WhatsApp and we will take care of the rest.
In 3 steps you are FREE informed of the MedVilla offers

How can you use this free service? As said, that is very simple. So simple that I can explain it in just 3 steps:

1) Open the "contacts" on your smartphone and click on "add". Type at "name": MedVilla and at "mobile number": 0034 688 708 332 and "save"
2) Open "WhatsApp" and click on "New message" search for MedVilla in your contacts and type [your name], the [desired price range] and [type of dreamhome] and click on "send". For example: JOE & LINDA DOE - € 100,000 to € 150,000 - Apartment
3) View the links of the properties within the specified price range that we will send you via WhatsApp.