Safe Buy Spain Certified Real Estate Agent

Safe Buy Spain is an organization that was initiated by a group of like-minded real estate professionals on the Costa Blanca South and Murcia regions of Spain.

Safe Buy Spain Certified Real Estate Agent

Disillusioned by the lack of regulation, ethics and professionalism shown by many unregistered agents the Safe Buy Spain was started to act as a  common voice of established, legal, tax paying agents. 

The SBS members work to a higher standard with levels of integrity, ethics, professionalism and unrivalled local knowledge deserving of clients who are making life changing decisions when deciding which agents to choose when purchasing their property.

All members voluntairy agreed with the mission statement and code of ethics of the Safe Buy Spain organisation

Safe Buy Spain agent making our mark count

The SBS is a non-profit group and unlike other similar organizations does not charge members a fee for joining. Membership of SBS is based on the real estate agents references from clients, their time in the industry, their legal status and most importantly of all their impeccable reputation for offering first class service to their clients.

​This community of agents and their support network will uphold the highest standards and this initiative has been backed by banks, insurance companies, finance companies, lawyers and architects.

MedVilla Spain, co-founder of Safe Buy Spain 

Safe Buy Spain was an idea that had been thought about over many years by a select group of agents who were tiring of the poor standards and ethics of certain agents in the area. The group initially met in early 2017 however the demands of busy agencies meant that the group was only officially formed in late 2017 with the original 3 founding members and 2 further agents who were asked to join the group. All participating agents offer identical standards of customer service, honesty and integrity and regardless of who you choose to find your dream home you are guaranteed a first class service with your trust in our hands...

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Safe Buy Spain Your trust in our hands

MedVilla - The Safe Way to Buy a Spanish Property is buying through a certified Safe Buy Spain Real estate agent.  Safe Way to Buy in Spain

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