The complete real estate solution! The MedVilla Simple Life concept

In Spain, real estate agents do not work the same as in the UK. As a real estate agent, we put homes up for sale and we sell these new-build homes at prices set by the developer! We present the houses with all costs of our commissions and services already inluded in the price. We represent the interests of both parties, but you as a buyer always come first.

In Spain it is very important that a thorough investigation is carried out into legality, inheritance, title deeds and debts. If this is not done properly, you as a buyer are responsible for all possible charges, debts, etc., after you have purchased the property.

So always work with a reliable independent, registered (RAICV1216) and certified API real estate agent (API 00592). As soon as you have made a reservation on a property, we will carry out all the investigations necessary for a responsible purchase. This work is carried out by our lawyer and he will inform you extensively. If there are any irregularities, he will also advise you against purchasing or paying your advance payment.

We serve your interests!

Since project developers work with many real estate agents, you often come across the same houses on the different websites and as a potential buyer you can´t see the forest through the trees. Therefore we recommend that you make a conscious choice in the preliminary stages as to which real estate agent you want to work with. Choose a real estate agent in whom you have confidence and with whom you can make good agreements and provide him with a clear wish profile. so that he can search for you consciously and well-informed. See your real estate agent as your extension in Spain when purchasing a home, which is an important step in your life.

  • We will personally answer your e-mail requests by sending you information and photos of the properties you have selected from our website.
  • Take advantage of our FREE ADVICE to let us know your wishes and preferences.
  • If desired, we would be happy to make a (video) appointment with you without obligation in order to listen to your wishes.
  • If you decide to work with us, we will initially discuss all the details with you, from location to budget and term.
  • After this, we will discuss with you when and how many homes you may want to view per day
  • Once you have found a property that you like, we will conclude a reservation contract with you, so that the property is taken off the market and we can start investigating legality, inheritance, title deeds and any debts the promoter may have incurred to complete the project to build.
  • We strive to help you make the right decision at the right time in a relaxed atmosphere without any pressure.
  • Even after the purchase, we are there for you, including taking care of transferring the utility contracts.
  • We have a professional after-sales team that will provide you with advice and assistance after the purchase. You can always contact our office for this, which is useful if you have a question or problem.

At MedVilla we understand that buying a house abroad is a big step. Our efficient working method, together with our expertise and dedication, ensures that you can relax and enjoy your dream home in Spain soon.

Contact us today and let us help you make your dream come true. At MedVilla we are ready to guide you on the journey to your Spanish paradise.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you find your dream home!

MedVilla, Stress-free purchase of your dream property! BIENVENIDO!

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